Friday, September 06, 2013

brush with fame

This may be a humble, obscure blog, but it has a sterling past: I've received both an Instalanche and a Steven Den Beste-lanche before; I have, however fleetingly, known massive traffic from running with the big dogs. Recently, after posting a comment, I got a reply from El Rey himself—Glenn Reynolds of the megablog Instapundit, which only recently added a comments feature. It wasn't much of a reply, of course; it was the standard refrain of "Faster, please!" that Reynolds always utters regarding the advent of new, nifty technology. The post is here; my comment, and its reply, are pictured below:

This was a bit like meeting Art Buchwald on Georgetown's campus, or seeing Garrison Keillor at an airport baggage claim, or standing in front of the great Chuck Yeager while he signed a copy of his book, or seeing Ted Kennedy pop out of an obscure side door at the Kennedy Center (remember that, Mike?): just a light, quick brush with fame.



John said...


The Maximum Leader said...

Oh yes. I remember Teddy K looking for the back door to the Eisenhower Theatre.

Kevin Kim said...

I'm posting this comment here to anticipate what commenter "Mori" is going to say in reply to my two-comment response to his/her comment on my "contra Mark Rowlands" post. Essentially, Mori, whose pettiness was (1) visible from the beginning and (2) follows a predictable pattern, will say, "Thanks for proving my point." Because that's the nature of petty people.

Well, Mori, seeing as I've written this at 4:49AM on Thursday, September 19, 2013 in Hayang, South Korea (i.e., 3:49PM on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 on the east coast of the United States), well before you sent me your snappy comeback, I can say:

Thanks for proving mine!

All too sad and predictable.