Monday, September 16, 2013

the 4.5-hour week

It's Chuseok week. We're off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, which means I teach only today and tomorrow. Today I've got two classes (11AM and 1PM), and tomorrow I've got only one (9AM). That's a total of 4.5 hours' actual teaching. I managed to finish writing up my quizzes for the kids, along with a Konglish exercise and a comprehensive "teaching manual" of sorts. Unless my students engage in open revolt against the round-robin system, this week promises to be smooth sailing.

Today, I'll be visiting my bank, resolving my bank-book issues, transferring money to my US account, withdrawing a chunk of cash, and very likely celebrating Chuseok early by ordering either Chinese food or fried chicken while I'm at the office. Hard to imagine a better way to spend the day.

Oh, yes: I'll also be getting my first haircut since arriving in Hayang. I've been looking mighty shaggy for the past week.


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