Saturday, September 28, 2013

things that had slipped my mind

Although I try to present a fairly comprehensive writeup of my adventures wherever I might be, there are things that do slip my mind. Here are two.

1. Doctor's X-ray. I had forgotten to chronicle the very first thing that happened to me during my checkup at Samsung Hospital on that shitty Tuesday: an X-ray. A male technician—the only male I dealt with during my hospital visit—told me in a blandly friendly voice to empty out my shirt pockets and to stand with my chest pressed against a large, squarish plate, and with my chin posed, more or less, atop a chin rest. He told me to take a deep breath and hold it; he took a picture of me (I imagined myself being blasted by cancer beams, X- and Y-chromosomes writhing in microscopic agony), then told me I could release my breath. Apparently, the first attempt wasn't good enough, because he asked me to do the procedure one more time. He repositioned me ever so slightly, asked me again to take a deep breath, took another pic, told me to breathe again, and that was pretty much that. I would have liked to see my X-ray pics, but alas, it is not to be. My office at the school will get my personal data, however; that thought warms my heart.

2. Cell Phone Contract. I had said, in my post about obtaining a cell phone, that I had understood maybe half of what the Pon Gap Ddong Gap employee told me regarding my contract. I then listed what I had understood. A couple things I failed to mention having understood:

a. I wouldn't have to pay anything at the store. I would be billed.

b. Bill payment would be in the form of an auto-deduction from my bank account.

PHONE UPDATE: At around 3:45PM today, I lumber-waddled back to the store and picked up my sleek new Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A smartphone. All the paperwork was done; I was allowed to take the original documents that I had signed (I presume the store made photocopies); I was shown how to type in the long activation code after 1PM on Monday, and that was basically that. I am now be-phoned, but it won't be until Monday that I send out my first calls and text messages. What really delights me about all this is not that I'll have voice access to my friends: it's that I'll be able to order food from my studio. At last!


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