Sunday, September 01, 2013

gas? no gas?

Once again, things are weird in my studio. You'll recall that, when I first moved into my new place, I had ondol heat and kitchen gas, but no hot water. Then I figured out the hot-water situation, and all was hunky-dory. Now, it seems, I've lost my kitchen gas but still have hot water. What's up with that?

There are ways to heat water for cooking, of course. I've got a microwave, and in our building's stairwell there's a hot/cold-water dispenser. So I'm covered. Still, it's annoying to find myself suddenly unable to, say, fry something up in a pan. I'd rather not be saddled with microwave-based cuisine for the rest of my time in this studio.

I'd heard rumors that the gas company was threatening to turn off all our gas if we didn't sign our building contracts fast enough. However, at our second orientation, we were reassured that gas wouldn't be a problem. With the gas off in my kitchen and hot water still available, I'm completely confused about what's going on.

UPDATE: The gas is back on. This worries me: if my kitchen-gas supply is this unstable, how will I reliably cook anything?



Bratfink said...

Everything looks fine on your blog, Kevin.

I'm not having problems with gmail OR Blogger.

I hope your problems clear up quickly!

Charles said...

And here I thought having too much gas was the problem. Huh.

Malcolm Pollack said...

You want gas? Should have moved to Syria.