Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So my buddy Tom calls me up Tuesday afternoon, but he doesn't sound like Tom at all. He sounds rather convincingly like a timid Korean college student.

TOM: Is dissa Mistah Kebin?

ME: Yes! Are you one of my students?

TOM: You teaching me Ingeu-rishie.

ME: So yes, you're one of my students. What can I do for you?

[long pause]

TOM: You rike-uh sex?

At that point, I was in shock. I must not have said much, either; I seem to recall I was just making voiceless, fish-like movements with my mouth. Maybe there was a stammered "Uuuuuhhhh..." in there somewhere. I no longer remember.

That's when the person on the other end started laughing maniacally. I knew it was Tom, and I knew I'd been had. That motherfucker. I should've realized it was Tom: we had last spoken on a Tuesday, and today was Tuesday. We had, last week, both agreed that Tuesday would be a good day for phoning.

This prank was reminiscent of the prank that my little brother David had played on me years ago. Once again, I was suckered because I was in just the right (or wrong) frame of mind to be suckered: in Tom's case, I had been expecting a call from a student, so when Tom called and impersonated a student, I was ready to be convinced.

God, I'm easy to fool.


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Charles said...

Awesome. How much more awesome would that have been if Tom had been able to convince a female friend into doing that, though...