Tuesday, September 17, 2013

the fried-chicken update

I ordered chicken fingers Monday afternoon, both to celebrate Chuseok early and to celebrate the fact that I'd gotten paid and could finally access some money.

Three images upon which to meditate:

Above, you see three 1.5-liter bottles of soda. The scene looks pretty awful, I'm sure. Here's the thing, though: the left-most bottle of soda has been empty for over a week: I use that bottle to store water that I get from the water cooler down the hall. The Pepsi bottle in the middle was one I had started drinking before the fried chicken had even arrived, and the Coke wasn't my fault: it came free with the two boxes of fried chicken.

Below, you see a sight that I wish you could have smelled. Koreans really do do chicken right. The packets of sauce are honey mustard (right) and garlicky, Korean-style yang-nyeom red sauce (left).

As you see, a single box of chicken fingers is a lot of chicken. In my greed, I had thought that I could polish off two whole boxes, but I had to stop after finishing just one. I've got the other box in my fridge right now; that chicken will be slaughtered for dinner Tuesday evening, probably after I buy some oil, and a pan, so I can pan-fry the bird to reconstitute it. (Microwaving fried chicken is a serious mistake: the crunchy batter gets soggy.)

Below, you see a very happy man with a gut full of chicken. Satiety.



Charles said...

Reconstituting fried chicken in the oven is also an effective method of reheating. Takes a little longer, but as probably more healthy (you don't have to add any oil).

Kevin Kim said...

My kingdom for an oven!