Thursday, October 17, 2013

do I seem distracted?

In looking over my posts for the past few days, I noticed how short and clipped they've been—terse, almost. I think we can chalk this up to simple distraction: I downloaded Stephen R. Donaldson's The Last Dark onto my phone's Kindle app, and I've been reading it. This is the fourth and final novel in Donaldson's The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant—the crowning moment for the series. Last Dark seems to have started well, although I've been reading it with less suspension of disbelief and more of a proofreaderly eye. Donaldson still doesn't know how to use semicolons (he often mistakes them for commas—the opposite of a comma splice), and I've caught one dangling modifier within the first two chapters.

So please expect more short, distracted blog posts for the duration, at least until I finish the novel. As Donaldson would say, it's a geas: I have to follow the sad-but-noble adventures of Thomas Covenant and his love, Linden Avery, to the bitter end. Nothing less than the entire universe is at stake in this story. What could be more gripping?