Sunday, October 06, 2013

the old man

There's an old man at the local market. He sits in a poorly lit atelier with his power tools and makes furniture—bookshelves, nightstands, and such. In mid-October, once I've been paid again, I plan to visit him with a design for a shelf that can be placed atop my fridge, and that will allow my new oven to perch above the microwave that's already crouched, vulture-like, upon the fridge. I might also ask this gentleman to craft a tall, thin system of shelves that can stand right next to the fridge, thereby affording me space in which to put plates, bowls, cups, pots, and pans. That would help a great deal with my storage issues.

It's nice to know that this gentleman is here. Now, I just need to learn how to say "custom-made" or "made to order." (Yeah, yeah—I can look the expression up.)



  1. If you are in the mood for a great inspirational movie, take a look at this wonderful gem, Searching for Sugar Man. I rarely take the advice of famous actors, but I'm grateful John Stamos recommended the story of Rodriguez. The ending will blow you away.

  2. 맞춤 제작

    Crowd-sourcing for the win!

    Although I wonder if you will really need to use that expression; you could probably just give him a quick drawing with some specifications and just ask him if he can make what you need.



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