Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the reflex

I've been living in my current digs for a couple months, now—since August 14. I still haven't gotten used to the fact that the way to get into my studio involves a keyless entry; my hand still dips into my pocket to look for nonexistent keys every time I approach my building. Time and again, my fingertips close on nothing, and I offer myself a twisted grin, embarrassed by my inability to jettison the past and live in the present moment.



John from Daejeon said...

I lost two hours of my life last night to that damn "present" moment. One of my Kirkland batteries exploded inside its housing which shorted out the entire electric lock (in the locked position). I didn't want to wake up my landlord to see if she, or her husband, had a 9 volt battery that I could use to enter the code to open the door from the outside at 3:00 am. Luckily, I knew that a 9 volt battery was supposed to work, I just didn't know where I could track one down at that time in the morning outside of my local fishing store that's on the outskirts of town and 18 km away. Well, at least I got some exercise.

Let's just say that if the North really wants to destroy the South, an electromagnetic pulse would truly wreak some serious havoc in this country as most people in this country can't go more than a few minutes without their smart phones or coffee and have electronic door locks at home. Do they even sell percolators here?

I do recommend that you see/learn how to open your door from the outside in case your door lock batteries die while you are out. I know I'll keep a 9 volt battery on me at all times now in place of those keys.

John from Daejeon said...

Kevin, I don't know how good a book "Top 100 Power Verbs" is yet, but it is free for the next few hours on Amazon. As its hotness level is burning up dealnews, I downloaded it to take advantage of its great price.