Saturday, October 19, 2013

the plateau: 128.5 kg

Since my last weigh-in, I've lost only 0.2 kilograms over the past two weeks. I'm now at 128.5, which is a sign, I think, that my body is getting used to the routine of walking thirty minutes a day—fifteen minutes to campus, and fifteen minutes from. It could also simply be that I'm not shedding pounds (well, kilos) as fast because I'm sweating less as the weather cools down: retained water equals slower weight loss. Still, one colleague commented that I now look thinner than I did at the beginning of the semester, which is a tentative sign that some progress has been made.

Now, it seems, I'm going to have to make a greater effort if weight loss is to continue: I'll need to pay more attention to my diet, as well as exercise even more. A gentle walk, four times a week, really isn't that much exercise. If I lost weight because of it, it's because I had been doing zero exercise before coming to Hayang. Anything's better than zero.

But we've hit a plateau. At a guess, this plateau is the first of several. The body goes through its phases of consent-then-resist, and breaking through that resistance to the next phase will mean ever stricter levels of self-discipline. Doing more walks will be helpful: my new phone has a pedometer that demands at least 10,000 steps per day (about five miles' walking for me), and I still haven't mde the effort to get to know the rest of Catholic University's layout. There's also a gym on campus, which means I could begin weight training.

Much to do. Much to do.


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