Sunday, October 27, 2013

"These go to 11."

SHE: Who turned off the alarm?

ME: Not me. When I came in, the alarm was already off.

SHE: Well, make sure you use your ID card to turn the alarm off. Tell the other professors, too, please. The security office called our office.

ME: OK; I will. But you know... the problem is that the alarm switch is inside our office. We open the door in the morning, the alarm goes off, and then we have to turn it off. So it's always giving a false alarm. The alarm [arming] system should have been set up outside the office. That way, we could turn off the alarm first, then unlock our office without tripping the alarm.

SHE: (long pause) But the alarm system is inside the office.



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John said...

Life imitating art and invariably life is funnier...