Saturday, October 26, 2013


Here's one pic of many that I shot with my cell phone while I was out and about with my buddy Charles and his wife Hyunjin (click on the image to enlarge it):

We drove out to Pohang, a coastal city I had never visited before, tromped over to one of the city's most famous restaurants, Marado, and enjoyed the local specialty: mulhwae, i.e., raw fish and shellfish in cold, spicy, sweet broth. It was quite good—certainly better than it sounded on paper. Above, you see a variety of raw fish all lumped together, along with some abalone, seaweed, gochujang, onion, sesame seed, julienned cucumber, and shredded Asian pear. The broth was an icy red slush that I had to ladle onto the above contents, then stir together with some cold noodles and enjoy. The result was surprisingly delicious.

I've got dozens of photos from today's road trip; expect quite a show tomorrow.


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