Tuesday, October 08, 2013

what on earth is a "me-too"?

I saw the ad in my neighborhood, standing among all the real-estate and leasing signs:


One-room... me-too... two-room. I know what a "one-room" is, because I live in one: it's a shoebox studio. I know what a "two-room" is, because our university had tempted me with one before The Powers That Be decided to put me in the shoebox: it's a larger apartment—not quite as large as my palatial digs* in Front Royal, Virginia, but about twice as large as my current bachelor pad.

So what's a "me-too"? Something in between? I need to look this expression up.

*Almost 900 square feet, 1.5 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms, plus a kitchenette with actual counter space and cabinet space. Tiny studios are interesting because of the space-management challenges they present. Luckily, there's the old man.



Bratfink said...

I bet I'd love watching the old man work.

Charles said...

I had not heard the term 미투 either, and my curiosity compelled me to look it up.

미투 is short for 미니투룸. So what's the difference between a two-room and a mini two-room? It boils down to whether the rooms are independent of each other. In a two-room, you may have the two-rooms off a central living room, so each room is independent of the other. In a mini two-room, though, you would have to go through room #1 to get to room #2--you wouldn't be able to access #2 any other way.

You learn something new every day, I guess.

(No, I did not know what it meant either before I read this post... but my curiosity was too great and I couldn't help looking it up.)

Kevin Kim said...

So my intuition that a "미투" was between a "one-room" and a "two-room" was correct, but my guess that "미투" meant "me, too" was flat-out wrong. Thanks.