Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pohang Trip, Part II: from the restaurant to the shore

This is a very small batch of pictures—just three images this time around. The first two images are of fish tanks. What better guarantee of freshness than to have your living, breathing dinner right there, in residence, just like a beloved professor who makes his home on campus? (This is not an analogy that bears extending—not unless you don't mind the notion of slaughtering and eating your beloved professor to guarantee his freshness.)

The first picture shows a mix of fish (and at least one eel); the second image shows my molluscan buddies, the squids, which are routinely brought up by the ton just off the South Korean coast. Squid boats sit almost a mile offshore, shining huge lights into the ocean. The lights attract the squids in unimaginably vast numbers, and fishermen simply sweep the wriggly critters out of the sea.

The final image offers a view of the water. Not exactly the open sea, but close. I was trying to get a shot of the parasol table, a slice of the city, and the jet d'eau in the distance.

Enjoy. As before, click each image to enlarge it. Before clicking, hover your cursor over each image to read its caption.



Charles said...

To any students reading: eating your professor will not actually allow you to absorb his knowledge (you have to cut off his head with a sword for that).

Kevin Kim said...

To those same students: but eating your professor out might offer him (or her) some fringe benefits.