Sunday, May 25, 2014

a mighty harvest

I'm on my way back to Hayang, having visited Sperwer's house, early this morning, to reclaim some of my old items from his basement. Because Sperwer says he's experiencing an itch for "spring cleaning," he had asked me to help him clear out some basement space: he's been storing a pile of my post-Sookmyung-era stuff since 2008. Part of my task, then, was to triage my remaining junk in order to free up some cubic footage for him and his family. We coughed and sneezed and wheezed our way through the procedure, breathing in a subtle cloud of dust and mold as we shifted boxes, opened them, examined them, and sorted. Some of my old clothes have now been consigned to local charities; most of my junk is simply being tossed. I kept one large suitcase and stuffed it with items of either practical or sentimental value—photos, my birth certificate, and the like. Sperwer's wife very kindly served me lunch after we had done our work, and Sperwer and I ate and talked while sitting out on his front lawn. He's installing a pergola there.

So that's how I spent my Sunday morning and early afternoon. Sperwer drove me over to Seoul Station, where I'm now typing this entry while I wait for my 4:20PM train.

When I was at my Pubeville yeogwan, I used a lint roller to clear my dirty bed of extra human filth. What follows is a picture of my Friday-evening harvest. Enjoy.

You'll have noted a lack of short-and-curlies this time around; most of these hairs are from someone's scalp. The very short hairs are likely from someone's leg. Then again, those short hairs look rather thick, so they might be scalp hairs, too.


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