Saturday, May 03, 2014

the big NO

Friday evening, I emailed my editing test back to Metatron. I think I did a fine job with the editing I did do, but I failed miserably at meeting Metatron's deadline and working at the expected production volume. Metatron sent me almost thirty single-spaced pages of work, you see, and the prose was so shot full of errors that it took me more than an hour per page. Factor in a lunch break (my stomach lining needs protection from all the aspirin I've been taking), and I managed to edit only five... measly... pages.

So even before I get a reply back from Metatron's Powers That Be (assuming they bother to reply at all), I already know I'm no longer a candidate for that job. I take comfort in the notion that I'm a thorough editor, but thirty pages in six hours? You've got to be kidding.

And that's that. Now I get to have a long weekend, except for an hour of tutoring on Sunday evening. Monday is Children's Day, so no school; Tuesday is the Buddha's Birthday, so again, no school for the Catholics. Perhaps I'll go see a movie in Gyeongsan. "Spider-Man 2"?

UPDATE: Le grand NON may have become le grand PEUT-ETRE. One of the Metatron bigwigs wrote back to say that he didn't seriously expect me to do thirty pages in six hours, and that he hoped I'd consider continuing with my candidacy. He promised to send me another document to work on next week.



Sperwer said...

Do you really want to work for an outfit that pulls this kind of bush league stunt?

Kevin Kim said...

Good question. But the misunderstanding may have been entirely mine.

John from Daejeon said...

It might not have been a stunt. Instead, it could have been a test to see how prospective applicants deal with a pressure situation. Not giving up and proceeding despite the workload is probably useful to cull undesirable applicants from the applicant pool as well as seeing if the applicant communicates well with superiors about said problem.

Surprises Aplenty said...

I'm with John. I recently gave a midterm that was too easy and most of the students recieved high marks which is a useless result. Perhaps thirty pages was too many but sending enough to be sure you wouldn't finish to see how quickly you did work might be a reasonable motive.

Whatever the result, I hope it is the best for you.