Friday, May 23, 2014


Someone stole my textbook!

I couldn't believe it, but at some point between my 1PM and my 3PM Thursday beginner classes, some student swooped over to my satchel, plucked out my textbook, and carried it off to heaven-knows-where. I can't imagine that that textbook, universally hated by my students (and by some teachers who shall remain nameless), could be the object of a teen's desire. That leaves spite as a possible motive: my textbook was stolen to piss me off and ruin my day. Well, I was able to wing it without the textbook in my 3PM class, and after that class I went up to the fourth-floor office and got a fresh textbook, so my day was far from ruined. Still, it's disturbing to ponder the fact that some nervy fucker actually stole my textbook.

ADDENDUM: It's also possible the textbook was taken by accident, but I don't see how that works: my book was way at the front of the classroom, all by itself, while most of my students tend to sit far back from me. No: this has "dickhead" written all over it.



John said...

All this hassle and headache for a mere W2000 and a stale sandwich. Was it worth it?

King Baeksu said...

Perhaps it was simply "liberated," so that the students themselves might be liberated as well.

Kevin Kim said...


Still ruminating.

King Baeksu,

Textbooks need freedom, too.