Tuesday, May 06, 2014

the weaning

I've been free of meds for almost 24 hours, now. No aspirin, no prescription meds (I ran out of those sometime last week). Over the weekend, as I mentioned earlier today, my pain levels mysteriously dropped and I've been able to walk around much more freely and fluidly than I had been for the past six or seven weeks. I'm not at 100% yet; my left hip joint is still very stiff, and I suspect that it would be easy for me to re-injure myself, but if I were to graph out my medical situation, I'd say I was on a steady upward curve. As before, I don't want to jinx this by speaking too soon, but things really do seem to be improving, and I have no clue as to why.

My buddy Tom is insisting I get an MRI when I'm next up in Seoul; he's offering to pay all expenses to make sure I get the treatment I need. While I frown and grumble at his pushy mothering, I understand his concern and agree that a deep, detailed scan would be nice so that we at least know what's going on inside my body.

For now, though, I'm just thankful that I can function without meds. That in itself is real progress. And may it continue: I'd like for this condition to be a fading memory by June.


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Charles said...

I, too, am hoping for the best here--but if the pain comes back, go for the MRI.

In the meantime, fingers crossed on continued freedom from pain.