Monday, May 26, 2014


My Mac's monitor appears to be dying. It's 7AM as I write this; my studio is dark except for the gentle morning light coming in through my windows, and I can see every little flicker the monitor is making. This problem has occurred, on and off, for the past several months. What's worse is that, along with the flickering, the monitor seems to be getting darker overall. It may be time to take my computer to a shop to get it looked at; otherwise, I'll be forced to rely on my laptop for blogging. There's a repair place up the street that might be of service.

Fortunately, KMA pays pretty promptly; I can't take the computer in until I've got more money in the bank, but I imagine I'll be paid within the next week or so for the seven-hour gig I just did this past Saturday. Here's hoping my monitor holds together until then.

Hear me, baby? Hold together.


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