Saturday, May 17, 2014

movie options

There are a few movies out right now that have sparked at least idle curiosity within me: there's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," for example; there's also "Godzilla." But the one I'm waiting for, "X-Men: Days of Future Past," doesn't come out for another few days. In fact, since I have to travel to Seoul next weekend, I might just see it while I'm in Seoul. I have no interest in seeing either "Transcendence" or "Last Vegas," but "Weekend in Paris," with the awesome Jim Broadbent, looks interesting in a date-movie sort of way.

Unfortunately, "Godzilla" is not getting the best reviews on Metacritic, and "Spider-Man" is faring even worse. So the question is: do I say "Damn the critics!" and watch these movies, anyway, or do I not waste my hard-earned W9,000 on tickets? Perhaps I should just wait a few days and go see "X-Men." Yeah... that's probably what I'll do.



  1. An online friend of mine is a [i]huge[/i] Godzilla/kaiju geek, and she apparently can't say enough good things about the new Godzilla film. I have no idea if that will translate into you enjoying it, of course.

  2. I saw the preview and cringed at Bryan Cranston's unhinged, over-the-top delivery. That might have worked for "Breaking Bad," but seeing the same shtick in a different context didn't do anything for me.

    Do you know what this e-friend thought of "Pacific Rim"? I reviewed that one, so we can compare opinions.

  3. 9,000 won! On your way to Seoul, you might want to stop at Daejeon's main train station. Right across the street is the MCV Adacemy theater with 4,000 won first showing of the day prices for its films. My students eyes pop out every time they see one of my ticket stubs from there. The theater is rather old, but you can't beat it for the price. Maybe there is a similar old movie house in Daegu.

  4. K: Ah, yes. She liked PR as well, so perhaps Godzilla might not be your cup of tea after all.

  5. I rather enjoyed Pacific Rim, but did not care for the new Godzilla movie. Way too much time was spent over nothing at the beginning of (and during) the movie with really little or no action. I don't go to movies like this expecting love stories, character development or deep plot arcs. I want to see stuff blowing up, buildings being demolished and lots of fight scenes. My daughter and I walked out of the theater deeply disappointed and we both felt the last Godzilla movie was much better than this one. Your mileage may vary, of course.

  6. Godzilla was gods-awful with a hell of a head-scratching plot hole if you try to figure out how the lead character is able to keep up with the monsters through the all this nonsensical garbage. It has to be the worst Godzilla movie ever made, and the fact that the director will be making a sequel and a new Star Wars movie is beyond insane.

    This Godzilla was not only lacking the thundering roar of the original, but this king of all monsters had less personality than the zombies of "The Walking Dead." I never once cared for anyone, or anything, in this cinematic travesty. I kept waiting for it to get better, but it only got worse. Not even the giant turtle, Gamera, spinning in with his flaming jets could save this monstrous monstrosity of crap.

    See the new X-Men film. Absolutely fantastic, even though the director may be a sexual predator.

  7. John from Daejeon,

    Point taken. Will avoid. Seems as if you've pretty much written my review for me.



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