Friday, May 30, 2014

Medusa meets the author of Germinal

Behold the Gorgonzola pizza I had Thursday afternoon (click image to enlarge):

The cheese itself wasn't bad, but the crust was severely lacking: way too thin and somewhat undercooked, it had a slightly yeasty odor about it (indicating its distant relationship to actual pizza crusts). The dipping sauce turned out to be some strange sort of herbed honey. It didn't clash with the pizza, but using the honey felt a bit strange.* Also, at W8,900, this pie was overpriced. All in all, I'm not sure it'd be worth purchasing again; I'm likely to move on to something else. The on-campus cafe where I bought the pizza, Windy City, serves a weird variety of Korean and Western meals, including its own "burger set," which I'll be trying soon. Because hope springs eternal.

*True: strong cheeses often pair well with sweet, non-citrus fruits and other sugary flavor profiles. A classic example would be Emmenthaler ("Swiss") cheese and grapes.



King Baeksu said...

Have you tried the "road pizza" that one often sees in the gutters here?

Kevin Kim said...

So tasty.

Charles said...

"it had a slightly yeasty odor about it (indicating its distant relationship to actual pizza crusts)"

I'm still trying to figure out how to parse this. Care to elaborate?

Kevin Kim said...

All pizza dough, even after cooking, has a slightly yeasty odor about it. It's not a stink, per se; it's just a natural function of the dough-making process. The Gorgonzola pizza at Windy City had that whiff of yeast, too, but it was merely a distant whiff, a sad reminder of the more robust dough that it could have been.

Kevin Kim said...

Perhaps my sentiment might have been clearer had I added the adverb "sadly":

"it had a slightly yeasty odor about it (indicating, sadly, its distant relationship to actual pizza crusts)"

But I had thought the italicized word "actual" would have performed that function, i.e., indicating my wistfulness at the fact that what I was eating was just a pitiful echo of the real thing.

Charles said...

Ah, I see. I was reading it with the emphasis on "distant," as if the yeasty odor was somehow an indicator that it did not have a close relationship. Not sure why I read it that way.