Wednesday, May 07, 2014

lost data

I need to confirm this when I get back to my place, but I do believe I've lost a thumb drive—one that had been with me for years. It was an 8-gig drive, and while it didn't have a ton of data on it, some of that data could be called valuable. I had left it hanging off the side of a campus computer's CPU after having taught a Korean class. Now, a week later, I checked the computer and saw that the drive was gone. Either I myself pulled the drive out and took it home (forgetting that I had done so), or I did indeed leave it in the school's computer, and some punk has since come along and taken it for himself.

There's no sense of tragedy here. First, I'm not sure I can recall everything that was on that drive, which means the information couldn't have been that earth-shatteringly important. Second, most of what's on that drive is simply replicated from what's on my desktop Mac, so it's not as though I've lost all that information. Still, despite the lack of tragedy, there's a definite sense of frustration and self-chastisement as I ponder my idiocy in leaving the drive in a strange computer in the first place.

A man should never leave his junk pushed into strange places. Someone might come along, yank it off, and claim it for himself.


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