Saturday, May 31, 2014

death and projects

Yes: life is mortal, and this truth extends even to computer monitors. My 2009-era Mac's monitor has died, as of two days ago, and I'm now forced to blog from my MacBook Air laptop. That's not tragic, but it is an inconvenience. Once I get paid by KMA for my recent Saturday gig, one of my projects is to take the Mac to a local computer-repair shop to get it looked at and, I hope, cured.

I have two other projects as well: get some new contact lenses and get a Costco membership. I've already visited the on-campus eyeglass store, located at the bottom of St. Thomas Aquinas Hall. That was a bit of a fiasco: the guy I spoke with said he could provide me with monthly-wear contacts for W35,000, but he could give me only a six-month supply, which I found asinine. Why not just let me purchase two sets of lenses, then, right? For a year's supply? Upshot: I won't be going back to that contact store. Why get eye-tested every six months? Silly.

The Costco membership will allow me to purchase the goods I'll need for the jjong-party (end-of-term party) I'm planning to have with my intermediate kids. Not sure what I'm going to cook yet, but very likely it'll be my "faux-Fredo," i.e., Alfredo done up with bleu cheese instead of Parmigiano Reggiano. If Korean Costcos have the same huge blocks of Kirkland creamy bleu that I can find in America, I'll be very happy.

That's the sort of excitement I can look forward to over the next few weeks.


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