Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Ave, Jasmine!

Québecoise blogger Jasmine, whose foodblog Jasmine Cuisine is one I follow with interest, has a very interesting new recipe up: fake pulled pork with jackfruit. I've never eaten jackfruit before, but I've seen photos and videos of it. Jasmine's photos show fairly convincingly that, at the very least, the flesh of a jackfruit can look like pulled pork. As for the taste and mouth feel... I'd have to make this to know more. But I'm tempted, and I think there may be a store or two in Itaewon where I can find jackfruit (called "fruit du Jacquier" in French, Jasmine informs us—or just "jaque," according to one of Jasmine's photos). This particular fruit-for-meat substitute has apparently been trending for a while (go to YouTube and type "jackfruit pulled pork" into the search window), but it's the first I've heard of it.

Jasmine writes her recettes in French, so French knowledge is helpful.

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