Monday, July 10, 2017

I knew it

Just got word that our moving day has again been delayed—thanks to rain this time—to Thursday. According to my phone's app, Thursday will be 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 Celsius) and partly cloudy. Huzzah! An auspicious day for moving, I say!

This is Korea: nothing ever moves in a straight line, you should never trust what anyone tells you (especially when it comes to plans), and last-minute changes are de rigueur.

NB: the boss just got back into the office, and he's heard nothing about a change in moving date. He's also ticked off that a Korean subordinate found about about this before he did. As he says, Koreans have trouble calling foreigners, even when they speak fluent Korean, which is why the caller called my boss's subordinate instead of calling my boss directly. In any event, we're waiting for confirmation about the date change. It could be that we're still on for Tuesday. In Korea, to stay sane, you must keep an open mind and keep your options equally open. Many Westerners are driven crazy by this because they adopt an inflexible, Stick to the plan! attitude that makes them kick and scream when things go off the rails.

But let me clarify: there are times when it's the Westerner who's inflexible, but there are other times when it's the Korean who's more inflexible. More later, perhaps.

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