Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday lunch

Today's lunch fest is now over. My stuffed-burger patties weighed in at a full ten ounces (280 g on my kitchen scale) after cooking, so my boss and coworker pronounced themselves defeated and unable to eat the Costco franks after having worked their way through their respective burgers. Below are some pics of my own lunch. Click to enlarge.

Whenever I have a choice between ketchup and BBQ sauce for a burger, I always opt for BBQ sauce (which I also prefer for dipping my french fries). And although I brought onions for my lunch partners, I avoided placing that vile vegetation on my own sacred burger. The second pic allows you to see the Gorgonzola and a little morsel of bacon peeking out. I made the burgers by using a 6-ounce patty on the bottom, which I molded into a bowl shape. I then added the stuffing (cheese + bacon) and topped the bowl with a 4-ounce patty. Next, I pinched and crimped the two patties together to form what turned out to be nearly perfect seals on all six burgers: during the cooking process, I lost only a small drop of Gorgonzola through a tiny, tiny flaw in one burger. That was a proud-dad moment for me. (If the burgers are my children, then I guess I've sent them off to be slaughtered.)

My burger, laid out:

My burger, with a cross-section closeup:

My Costco frank:

Purists will, of course, scream about my having desecrated the frank with ketchup, but know this: I often eat hot dogs with nothing but ketchup on them.


I brought four burgers and four dogs to the office; there's one burger and there are three dogs left. The boss claims he'll be eating a dog later today; my coworker will be taking the remaining burger and two dogs home to share with his girlfriend. Back at my apartment, I've got one more burger patty and maybe eight or nine more Costco franks—plus plenty of burger and dog buns—waiting to be destroyed. I also have three pounds of bacon waiting to be cooked to a crisp, as well as a load of lettuce and tomatoes, so it appears I'll be eating plenty of BLTs this week. One day, I need to try the Englishman's "bacon sarnie"... but where to get brown sauce? Dunno. If I can't find it, I'll have to make it, I suppose.

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