Sunday, July 09, 2017

pickles for impatient people

I finally tracked down a recipe that I first saw on a video: it's for "instant" pickles, and it doesn't require a whole week of your time and lots of stress about whether foreign bacteria might mess up the fermentation process. No: this recipe (more technique, really) allows you to make pickles that can be served within thirty minutes. Fuck, yeah! That's my kind of pickle!

Don't be fooled by the many supposedly "quick" pickle recipes out there. Most of those recipes still require you to wait at least a day or two before you can partake of your drunken cukes. Fuck that. Pickles were never meant to suffer for a week in pickling solution, losing their cellular integrity and turning unpleasantly sour. Pickles ought to be bright and fresh and deliciously crunchy, as these Food Lab pickles are.

I'll be making my own batches soon. Very soon.

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