Saturday, July 22, 2017

it's nice to be fondly remembered

My buddy Mike sent me screen shots from Twitter (see below). It seems I'm missed. Twitter had its flaws, but it was a better experience, in many ways, than Gab currently is. Gab has some interesting people, but it's also fairly univocal, and there's a great deal of alt-right racism and antisemitism. Not to say that Twitter was bigotry-free (ha!), but I suppose the darkness is more visible on Gab because it's a self-selecting demographic of similar-minded people. The assholes stand out more clearly because there's less background noise.

Anyway, I do feel sad about abandoning so many Twitter e-friends. They were and are good folks. At the same time, I'm sure they're doing just fine without me.


hahnak said...

i miss you where you've never even been: facebook. i'm glad you keep up with your blog

Kevin Kim said...


Actually, I was on Facebook for a few years, but I ended up leaving it for some of the same reasons I left Twitter, including the issue of poor security.

I joined Facebook in 2007 (see here) and left soon after Mom died, around 2010. In 2012, I briefly mulled coming back.

That said, I appreciate the sentiments!