Wednesday, July 12, 2017

more proof that central planning sucks

Call it socialism, communism, Kimism, blue-state economics, or whatever: central planning sucks balls. It's why Western Europe's various economies are sagging. It's why oil-rich Venezuela has become a massive shithole. It's why there's no more Soviet Union, and why North Korea lags so far behind South Korea in economic robustness.

And now, this:

Best-Run States Are Low-Tax Republican, Worst-Run Are High-Tax Democratic, Study Finds

Over on, there's a growing movement—patchwork and confused right now, but gaining coherence and momentum—to support Californians who want their state to secede from the Union. Some call it Calexit; others simply say, "Good fucking riddance."

Even better:

And finally, this:

We will know them by their fruits.

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