Wednesday, July 05, 2017

it's time we had that talk

Komerican comedian David So came into YouTube prominence when he posted a humorously angry response to the racist (and not very articulate) rant by white UCLA student Alexandra Wallace, who was upset about "Asian" behavior in one of UCLA's libraries. Wallace's tirade included the embarrassing string of Chinese-mimicking syllables "ching-chong ling-long ting-tong," for which she will always be remembered. If you haven't seen So's response, please click the above link—which is fairly timely, given that So jokingly incites violence against Wallace but—so far as I know—doesn't get in trouble for doing so.

So has his own YouTube channel, which boasts 1.4 million subscribers. In the "Carpool Confessions" video below, which is actually two unrelated videos spliced together, So converses with some Asian cuties while driving (in and around Los Angeles, I presume). The first conversation is about L.A. drivers and neighborhoods, but it's the second conversation, with Julie Zhan (ethnically Chinese, not Korean, as you can tell by the surname), that will take you back to sex-ed class in middle school and make you wish your teachers had talked about the things that David and Julie talk about while they're rolling along.

I'm thinking about subscribing to So's YouTube channel; he's witty, vulgar, and hilarious. Check out his visit to Body Spec, a stats-gathering service that does a variety of biometric scans on you to determine your level of health and fitness (body fat, bone density, etc.).

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