Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Monday it is, then

I'm obsessed with the idea of having a post-Fourth burgers-and-dogs office party, but instead of doing it this coming Friday, I've elected to bring the food in this coming Monday, which is the day before we're currently* slated to move down the street to our new office. I talked with the boss about this, and he thinks Monday works fine. My coworker, who recently came back from a gut-stuffing trip to see relatives in the Philippines, isn't interested in a feast this week, but he might be interested next week.

The plan is simple: stuffed burgers (for reference, see this post from 2015) with trimmings, hot dogs with condiments, potato chips (probably of the kettle-chip variety), coleslaw, and maybe something for dessert—not sure what yet, but am leaning toward chocolate mousse/panna cotta, which is fairly light, if done right, and not bad for the summer.

*I say "currently" because we've already had one change of date, and I fully expect another. This is Korea, where you never take anything that anyone says literally. If you do that, you're a sucker. There's a reason why anthropologists refer to Korean society as "low-trust."

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