Wednesday, July 26, 2017

meal prep: progress report

This is a monster prep.

The day before, I made my oi-muchim (see a pic here), but I'm going drain out most of the pickle juice and add shredded apple to it tonight to gentle the taste a bit (it tastes fine right now, but it could use some more tweaking). Yesterday, I made the chicken stock, which I turned into a light gravy meant to be poured over couscous. I also shelled hundreds of pistachios (wrote about that already), prepped my dry chickpeas by soaking and then boiling them—all of which merely gets the chickpeas ready for the actual cooking—and reconstituted a mess of dried figs. Today, I just began marinating the galbi (pic here); it'll be a few hours before I can cook it. I'm sure I'll be cooking until well past midnight tonight.

What's left to do? With the Korean half of the prep mostly done, I have to take care of the Middle Eastern side of things. Some of it can be left until tomorrow morning, e.g., cutting the tomatoes, pulverizing the pistachios, and crumbling the feta. Most of it has to be done tonight, though, and that's going to take a while. I have to make the spiced oil in which I'll be cooking the chicken, squash, and chickpeas; I must then cook the chicken, squash, and chickpeas. I need to chop the parsley and cilantro (found at Garak Market thanks to the advice of the imported-goods lady in the basement of our new building—that's a story in itself), combine it with the chicken-and-veggies mixture, then do whatever little chores are left. Oh, and let's not forget that I have to prep a buttload of couscous and glutinous rice.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be bringing in large plastic tubs of food that hungry people can scoop onto their plates and microwave. Tomorrow night, I'll likely be dead.

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