Saturday, August 19, 2017

...and thus do I walk away with another 100%

Got a perfect score from my KMA students today. Peeked at the evals again before the jogyo had a chance to come into the classroom and collect them. Lots of maeu manjok ("highly satisfactory") ratings. How long will this streak go on? Only The Shadow knows.

Today's class was interesting because I had a Brazilian guy in it—my very first Westerner at a KMA course (I taught a Frenchman for a semester back when I was at Sookmyung Women's University). He was witty and much more interactive than the other two Korean students, but everyone ended up having a good time and learning something. I'm always thankful when the students say they appreciate the class; the Brazilian chap even said he'd come back to KMA specifically to take another of my courses. (Promises, promises, eh?)

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