Saturday, August 26, 2017

good bread, good meat...

In an expensive effort to use up the rest of my chimichurri, I laid out a lunch yesterday for my coworkers: pan-fried ciabatta, pan-fried shabu beef, baby leafy greens, and sliced "paprika" peppers (they look like habaneros but aren't spicy at all). I also got some el-cheapo store-bought "Dutch" cheese that worked okay with the rest of the sandwich. Then, of course, there was the chimichurri itself, which made everything Argentinian.

My coworkers thoughtfully responded, this time, by cobbling together a little fund, presented to me in a cookie tin, to help defray the cost of my grocery purchases for these meals. It was a nice gesture, and every bit helps, but I think my coworkers would shudder to know how much I actually spend on ingredients. Still, it was kind of everyone to pitch in.

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