Wednesday, August 02, 2017

sinister news


Paul Joseph Watson:


Anonymous said...

Other channels will be found, just as Gab is now competing against Twitter.

Kevin Kim said...

Bill, I'm guessing that this is you, given your email re: comments. I normally delete anonymous comments as a matter of policy (see the "READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING!" policy written above the comment window), so to avoid accidental deletion, please preface your comments with "Bill here!"—or something like that—so I know to stay my hand.

Welcome to the comment threads!

King Baeksu said...

Gab is the small table at the back of the club.

Twitter is the front bar where all the action is.

We cannot concede territory or space without a fight.

Anonymous said...


It was I, and I appreciate the non-draconian enforcement of your policy. I realized later that I didn't put my name to it.


Kevin Kim said...


I've noticed that you've been signing your comments. Thanks for doing so, and sorry for the inconvenience.