Tuesday, August 08, 2017

not bad for three months' debauchery

Visited the doc yesterday and today. Had my blood pressure taken, gave a urine sample (hadn't done that in a while), and had my blood drawn for full-scale blood work. Yesterday, the doc told me to come back today for my blood-work results; in the meantime, my BP turned out to be fine after three months of not exercising the way I had during my long walk. The doc said I was at 130/85, which is slightly high, but not alarming (classic BP is 120/80 for adults).

This morning, I came back for my blood-test results, and they turned out to be mixed: high blood sugar (albeit substantially improved from three months ago), but normal levels of cholesterol, and all other signs appeared to be normal. The doc altered my meds a bit (I'd told him about my geographic-tongue issue), but I couldn't pick up the meds at the local pharmacy because they weren't in stock. The lady at the pharmacy ordered more meds for me and told me to come back around 4PM, which it is right now, so I'm off to pick up my meds.

I'll have enough medicine for two months, and since I never take my meds on Sunday, I can stretch that time out to about two-and-a-half months before I need to come back to the doctor's office. In all, my numbers could have been worse after three months of relative relaxation and dietary misbehavior. The doc told me to keep exercising, which I'll definitely do. Sometimes, it feels as if I'm regularly visiting a drug dealer.


Anonymous said...


Glad the news was basically good. Skipping a day of meds (Sunday) is not a good practice. There are a number of meds that require up to several days to reach there therapeutic level and are designed to maintain it with regular dosage.

As for seeing a drug dealer, that part of growing older. Right now I take 14 different medications and without them I would be dead by now. It's a pain but it beats the alternative.


Bratfink said...

Does your doc do an A1C on you? My doc said anything under 7.0 IS good.

Kevin Kim said...

I do get an A1c every few months. Yes, under 7.0 is good. I'm not good yet.