Sunday, August 06, 2017

how to cheat your weight loss

Wrestlers have known this for years: to reach your weight class, just sweat.

Today, I went out for my 2.5-hour creekside walk, having decided that the 5-hour megawalk would be too much. I sweated and sweated going up and down those fourteen staircases... and at the end of my walk, when I weighed myself on my bathroom scale, I was back down to 117 kg after having regained 3 or 4 kg in the three months(!) since I finished my trans-Korea hike. You'll recall that I'd lost 10 kg during that walk; I went from 126 kg to 116 kg, and here I am again, hovering around 117 kg after being around 120 kg for the past few weeks.

Actually, I drank two 600-ml Powerades, so I guess I'm up to 118.2 kg, but I've also taken a piss since then, so that needs to be factored in. By morning, I expect to be around 117 kg again, as I'm currently fasting. Not a bad way to start the week, even if the weight loss is mostly water loss and not fat loss.

Oh, and I just made a gigantic batch of hummus with my leftover chickpeas from the goodbye party we'd had at the office. Want some?

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John Mac said...

Ha ha! Losing weight is no sweat in summertime. Except when it is.