Wednesday, August 09, 2017

PJW on the Google-memo controversy

Stefan Molyneux will happily talk your ear off for an hour, but you can always count on Paul Joseph Watson to have a brief, acerbic take on the issues of the day. In the video embedded below, Watson gives his perspective on the recent controversy surrounding the now-fired Google employee James Damore, who wrote and sent around what has been variously called a "diversity memo" and an "anti-diversity memo." Damore's memo dares to mention possible hard-wired differences between the sexes; he also notes that, for Google, ethnic/cultural/racial diversity might be important, but diversity of opinion/perspective is not. For this thoughtcrime, Damore has been pilloried, fired from his job, and even doxxed.

Take it away, PJW:

ADDENDUM: my good-natured ribbing of the prolix and vociferous Stefan Molyneux aside, it's interesting to note that Molyneux actually scored an interview with James Damore himself. You can watch that 45-minute exchange here.

ADDENDUM 2: Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit posts:

CONOR FRIEDERSDORF: The Most Common Error in Media Coverage of the Google Memo: Many headlines labeled the document “anti-diversity,” misleading readers about its actual contents. They wanted a white-male hate object, even if they had to invent one.

True. If you've seen any part of the actual memo, then you know full well that it affirms various types of diversity, including the racial/ethnic/cultural (and sexual) kind.

ADDENDUM 3: Philip DeFranco opines, with lengthy quotes from the document, here.

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