Monday, August 07, 2017

memory or death

Having nearly reached my 15-gigabyte capacity, I recently bit the bullet and subscribed to paid storage for my Google account. Being the stingy bastard that I am, I went for the cheapest option, which is $2 a month for 100 gigs of storage. When you first sign up for Gmail, Google gives you a free 15 GB to play with, which is a decent chunk of memory for a non-pro like me: I don't constantly send or store huge graphics or video files, so I don't consume that much memory. I switched over to Gmail in 2006; it's now 2017, so it's taken me eleven years to max out. With my new 100-GB account, I now have an extra 85 GB to play with. If I use the storage up at the same rate as I have over the past decade, then I have over 62 years' storage left. In other words, I'll be dead long before I use up my current storage.

Good to know that something will outlive me, even if it isn't progeny.