Monday, August 28, 2017

check out my walk-exclusive blog

I'm in the midst of creating and filling up Kevin's Walk 2, a blog devoted purely to the almost 240 "Walk Thoughts" I'd written before, during, and after my long walk this past spring. Check it out here if you're so inclined. My purpose in creating this blog is to be able to share my experience with my coworkers, most of whom now know that I did a Seoul-to-Busan trek a few months ago. There's always the chance that people will get bored (the way people get bored of other people's slide shows), but the nice thing about a blog is that people can skip ahead or do searches if they want. By creating a separate blog, I also keep my coworkers from finding this blog too quickly and easily. Not that I'm hiding this blog from them, but I'm also not going out of my way to tell them it exists.

Kevin's Walk 2 isn't finished yet: as of Sunday night, I've copied and pasted blog entries only up to Walk Thoughts #76. If I do about forty or fifty of these per day, I ought to be finished by the end of the coming week, at which point I'll tell my coworkers about the blog. I seriously doubt that many—or any—of them will actually take the time to read through every word and look at every photo, but the urge to share my experience remains strong, even though I know that words and images aren't enough to convey what it was like to be out there on the trail, among all that beauty.

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