Friday, August 25, 2017

the stupid times we live in

Do not sexually harass a fictional character, or you will be banned from Twitter.

See why I left?

Then there's this sorry example of the History-eraser Button in use.


Anonymous said...

Twitter is evil (a la Google), but the comment itself seems to border on "Inappropriate Language"... isn't there a clause for "Using Naughty Phrases In Front Of Children"*?

More to the point: using foul-language in a (possibly) child-filled area is distasteful. I get the joke the guy was making. I think that comment is best left where kids might not find it....

... and Twitter needs to make a choice: Fish, or Cut Bait. Either it's Game On for Bad Words, or Not.

[ * - Before I had kids, I thought that such clauses were lazy-parenting. Now, I know better. If your site is advertised as non-sexual, make it so. Act better in public, people. ]


Anonymous said...

I love how Stempi was essentially coerced into pushing the button by the press. Cartoons are often not for kids.