Tuesday, August 15, 2017

problem finally(?) solved

Another week has gone by. The electricians came by yesterday (Monday) to reinstall my circuit breaker, which has been hanging out of my wall for the better part of a month. All the internal leaking has dried up. I asked the repairmen how bad the problem was, and they reiterated that the leak had begun two floors up, on the eighth floor. All the necessary construction work has been done—presumably on the floors above me.

In a sense, I was lucky: almost a month ago, the electricians had pulled my circuit breaker out of my wall to keep it out of the way of the leaking. Once that had been done, I was told simply not to touch the breaker panel, and that I could otherwise operate all my electrical appliances normally—my A/C, my fans, etc. In other words, the problem didn't affect me too deeply, which is one reason why I'm not ranting about it. Last week, when the electrician called and said, with some hesitation, that the problem would take another week to solve, I laughed and replied, "I've waited weeks already, so what's another week?" It really was no skin off my nose. I also told the guys that the most important thing was safety, so they needed to take their time and do things right. Here's hoping that they have.

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