Friday, August 11, 2017

another successful office lunch

These office lunches have become hugely expensive affairs, but despite how tiring and wallet-draining they are, they can be fun. I had insane amounts of leftover chimichurri, pesto, Thai peanut sauce, and hummus, so I prepped the following for today:

1. Thai chicken satay with peanut sauce
2. Hummus with Indian roti flatbread
3. Pesto chicken-and-mushroom fusilli pasta
4. Shabu beef plus chimichurri

As before, the staffers destroyed anything chicken-related. There's still a ton of hummus left, but the hummus got plenty of compliments. This was my first time tasting Indian roti, which turns out to be much more savory than a standard naan. A coworker discovered that the roti actually goes very well with the Thai peanut sauce, which makes sense, given that roti is South Asian and Thai peanut sauce is Southeast Asian—two flavor profiles that aren't too far apart. One staffer said that he thought today's lunch was even better than the last one.

And that's it for August. I'll be doing another luncheon in September.

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