Saturday, August 17, 2019

pot pie, take 3

I cooked up my final two pot pies. I have a much better sense of scale, now, as to how much dough I actually need for each pie, and with that knowledge, I decided I could make two pies instead of one. Each of these pies is slightly smaller and less grandiose than the pie from my very first attempt, but the end result strikes me as much neater and just as tasty. Since both of the pies I made look the same, I'm showing off only one of the pies below.

Before baking:

After baking:

By folding over the pie dough, I allowed the natural imperfections in the dough to create the vents, but I did help matters along by cutting in only two extra vents per pie.

Result: veddy nice, veddy nice.


John Mac said...

The grasshopper has become the master! Well done!

Charles said...

Sort of a galette-style pot pie--looks good!

Kevin Kim said...

Pretty close to a galette, to be sure, albeit a lot uglier, and lacking the wide-open center. I might try making a tarte aux pommes in the galette style at some point.