Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ave, Mike! (and HOYA SAXA)

My buddy Mike at Naked Villainy posts that he's rooting for my alma mater in basketball. I'm grateful. For the curious, I'm posting a link to the Georgetown University fight song (which contains its own link to an audio clip in which the song is sung by our very own Georgetown Chimes). Note that the long stanza in our fight song betrays a huge inferiority complex, as it bashes a number of schools:

We've heard those loyal fellows up at Yale
Brag and boast about their Boola-Boola.
We've heard the Navy yell,
We've listened to Cornell;
We've heard the sons of Harvard tell
How Crimson lines could hold them.
Choo Choo, Rah Rah, dear old Holy Cross;
The proud old Princeton tiger
Is never at a loss.
But the yell of all the yells,
The yell that wins the day,
For the dear old Blue and Gray.


GU Fight Song

On your knees and grovel before us!



1 comment:

The Maximum Leader said...

From what I've heard, most school fight songs seek to disparage other institutions. Harvard's goes after Yale. Yale's call Harvard students stuck up. It is a common trait. I wouldn't chalk it up to inferiority...