Tuesday, March 21, 2006

fad of the moment: expat English teachers

The Koreablogosphere's heretofore harmonious existence has been shattered-- shattered-- by a cluster of posts on various Koreablogs with reference to a Korea Times article written by one Chris Brockie provocatively titled "Trafficking of English Teachers?", a title that, thanks to a threatening question mark that looms like a fist raised to smash a pet hamster, might lead one to believe that certain Koreans were somehow engaged in illicit activities.

Now: please sit back and savor the above run-on sentence. I wrote it just for you.

Links to the relevant articles:

Brendon Carr's "Shut the Fuck Up, Whiner" post is here.

Jeff's "If You Don't Like It, GO HOME, WHITEY!" post is here.

Nathan's "Lone Cowboy Against the Injuns" post is here.

*EFL Geek's "Jeff and Brendon Have a Point" post is here.

*Jodi's "Jeff Has a Point" post is here.

All of the above blogs (except Jodi's) have this in common: their post titles double as permalinks.

Here at BigHominid's Hairy Chasms, titles are merely titles. And that's why you love this place. The retro feel of an obsolete template. It turns you on. Makes your nipples glow and grow.

As a Seoul-based English teacher might write:





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Whose your miami-dade?!


Sean said...

No link to my post?

Why you should not teach in Korea also a permalink = title.