Sunday, March 12, 2006

les poitricules: allez, Franck!

I have high hopes for this site:

Seins du Monde (Breasts of the World)

Franck writes, in his blog's very first, typo-ridden post (I'll be charitable and attribute his typos to excitement, but in truth, many French folks these days can't spell worth a damn):

Voilà, je me lance. Le but de ce blog, est re répertorier les seins de toutes les femmes du monde. Ho, non pas des célébrité, car celle-ci sont accessible trop facilement, il suffit de regarder la télévision ou aller au ciné pour apercevoir ces petits appendices si beaux.
Mon idée est tout autre,

Blogger des poitrines de parfaite inconnue, qui si elles le souhaitent m'enverraient leurs photos. Vous l'aurrez compris je vénère les seins, petits, gros moyens, refait, je les aimes tous. Ce site est la pour faire une place aux poitrine de femme, petit mamelon, gros téton, vous êtes tous les bienvenues

Si le coeur vous en dit, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer vos photos

A bientôt je l'espère

Franck Aubry


And here I go. The goal of this blog is to report on the breasts of all the women in the world. Oho, not those of celebrities, because those are too easily accessible: all you have to do is watch TV or go to the movies to catch those beautiful appendages.

No, my idea is totally different: to blog the breasts of perfect strangers who, if they wish it, will send me their photos. You've probably guessed that I worship breasts-- small, plump, average, redone-- I love them all. This site is here to make a place for the female chest: little mammaries, fat teats, you are all welcome!

If you find yourself moved to do so, don't hesitate to send me your photos!

See you soon, I hope.

Franck Aubry

Bonne chance, Franck, et bonne récolte.

[NB: By the way, "les poitricules" is my French translation of "chesticles," a favorite term of mine. The French word is derived from la poitrine (chest) and la testicule (testicle).]

UPDATE: The site hasn't been updated since June 9, 2005. Sadness. I'm guessing that Franck hasn't had much luck roping the women in. He needs to hit 'em while they're drunk. That's apparently how "Girls Gone Wild" does it.


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