Friday, March 03, 2006

the return of the images

An old ISP of mine, StarPower, finally noticed that I'd been using its FTP space even after I had cancelled my ISP agreement. They quietly snipped the connection (very gracious of them not to have billed me), and several images on my sidebar winked out as a result. Among those images: Dalma Daesa, the Screaming Alien, the Bombtits Rum Cake, and the Megacolon Rat. I decided to eliminate the cake and rat images/links altogether, along with links to my second blog, Only the Chewiest Tumors. The latter will be destroyed later today: no one ever bought books from that site. People seem to prefer (thank you, by the way; the book continues to sell slooooowly but steadily there).

Dalma Daesa and the Alien are back on the sidebar, as you see. The images are up on Photobucket, and the one disadvantage of using Photobucket is that, if you make an image into a link, Photobucket adds an ugly blue border around the image. When I do black line art with a white background for my blog, I want the art to blend smoothly into the blog's white background. That's impossible when there's a big blue rectangle defining the image. My way around that, at least for now, is to remove the link from the image and stick it inside the caption text (see sidebar for what I mean).

Sorry for the ugliness these past couple of weeks.


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