Thursday, March 09, 2006

a stellar example of Christian charity

This arrived in the comments section of an old post because the drooling idiot couldn't figure out how to append a comment to a recent post:

Shut the fuck up, Kev Kim. Your blog is the most shit blog that I've ever seen. Smells Like Golgotha? What is that? You are always hooked on marijuna when you post fucking shit on your blog? Did your mom and dad teach you to blaspheme God. Go to hell, idiot, your personal devil torturer is waiting there for you. Get a hair and and get a real job, you loser!

Oh, the punctuation! The spelling! The barely-English English!

Since the guy was too stupid to figure out how to place the comment somewhere prominent, I've done him the favor of slapping it up here, on Page One, for everyone to laugh at.

I'm always tickled by folks who try to insult we worse than I can insult myself. What I can't understand, in the above comment, is why the guy inserts a compliment in the middle of his diatribe:

Your blog is the most shit blog that I've ever seen.

Yes-- "the most shit blog" indeed!

This guy talks about "hell" and "your personal devil torturer," so I suppose he's religious. His post is a fantastic example of compassionate conduct.

Anonymous, you are my sifu. I hope you've read every single one of my Golgotha panels. Dig into your self-righteousness and send more text my way! My readers will thank you.

(Actually, I have a sneaking suspicion that the writer of the above comment isn't really a non-native speaker. I suspect it's someone who's faking it in order to obscure his identity. Double dose of cowardice: anonymous posting plus writing in a bad accent. Ah, well... we can't expect too much of the differently abled.)



Joel said...

I think you have given your anonymous poster too much credit. I have a feeling it stems from a lack of writing skills rather than a deliberate attempt to disguise his identity. I love how a Christian can curse and pass judgement and in the same breath tell someone else how they are going to hell. You'd think there'd be a more "Christian" way to express his disagreement.

Maven said...

I hear that forcible removal of rectally impacted rodents causes a theological version of Tourette's Syndrome. Perchance that's the posseur's pecidillo.

Jelly said...

This person is a sack of wind, and I agree with Joel - I think (s)he's a none too bright troll. I do agree with the poster on one point, though, and it's been on my mind for awhile.
You really should get a hair, dude.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that an Air Supply song?

"Here I am, your personal devil torturer,
Askin' for another day,

Understand, the one that I torture,
Tortures you in so many ways..."


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I'm kind of jealous. I've never really gotten an out and out troll comment. There was one time when a guy wrote in calling me a racist and a bunch of other not-so-nice things, but it turns out he was misconstruing one of my entries. When I explained it to him, he actually wrote back to apologize, which was kind of deflating. I guess I need to live on the edge more. Either that or post more pictures of me hanging on a cross and saying silly things.

And I'm going to echo Jelly here and say that, yes, you do need to get a hair. In fact, a few hairs would probably be better.

To Bill: Did you mom and dad teach you to blaspheme Air Supply.

Anonymous said...

Preppin. Arrivals. Preppin.

Joel said...

I'm sure the "get a hair" comment is a slightly altered version of "getting a wild hair up one's ass" that leads one to action.

R said...

Yes, Kevin stop being so naughty and conform immediatly.

And stop picking on peopol who kant spel.

Jelly said...

Really Joel?
I've never heard of that one-- is it a Korean expression? After some considereation I thought it was meant to be "get a haircut, and get a real job." -An old George Thorogood and the Destroyers song.
But I've since returned to agreeing with the original poster typing some spot on advice to Mr. Kim here about getting a hair, or better yet, Charles' suggestion of "a few hairs."
(Hopefully none in his peanut brittle though! It looks yummy!!)