Saturday, March 18, 2006

yesterday's dinner

Dinner with Charles and his lovely wife went quite well. Charles took many pics of the meal, so you might see some foodblogging on either or both of our sites.

Of note was the disastrous start of the meal, which I credit to my own indecisiveness: right up to the last moment, I wasn't sure what, exactly, I would be making as an appetizer. I had thought to make some sort of crispy chicken concoction, but what I ended up with was a half-assed fondue bourguignonne. In true journalistic fashion, Charles snapped pictures of both triumph and tragedy. The good thing was that the tragedy came at the beginning and was limited to the appetizer. The fettuccine alfredo (with shrimp), the salad, and the dessert all went well. We ended up stuffed to the gills.

Check out Charles's latest "sub2k" fiction piece, "Waking Up."


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Anonymous said...

The photos are all set, and I am writing the journal entry at this very moment (well, OK, not at this very moment).